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Every day we hear stories in the media about 'Big Brother' and the measures that the government seems to be taking to keep an eye on us - identity cards, DNA records, and even spying on our dustbins to make sure we don't throw anything out that should have been recycled. In a world where almost anything you do can be traced and used for inappropriate means, we explain how to protect your privacy.
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Ask Our Experts: Does Neighbour's Camera Contravene Privacy Rights?, Can I Use CCTV to...
Case Studies
Case Studies: My Credit Card Details Were Stolen: A Case Study, Banks and Your...
In The Home
In The Home: Your Privacy on the Telephone, Your Privacy on Your Mobile Phone,...
Internet: Mobiles and Laptops as a Tracking Device, Privacy When Internet...
Medical: Genetic Privacy, Why Is Doctor-Patient Confidentiality So Important?,...
Personal: Myths About Privacy, Credit and Privacy: FAQ, Criminal Records and...
Workplace: Protecting Your In-Car Privacy, Computer Monitoring In The Workplace...
Latest Comments
  • Canttakethisanymore.
    Re: Does Neighbour's Camera Contravene Privacy Rights?
    is it legal for my husband to use spy cams and recording devices hidden in our bedroom. I keep finding…
    13 November 2018
  • ProfX
    Re: Your Medical Records
    I had my medical records rifled through and altered by a GP & his mate GP in a case of a nurse stealing drugs and poisoning members of the…
    12 November 2018
  • 8R34THL355
    Re: Employee Surveillance
    covert camera hidden in toilet cubicle at my employers factory,when challenged about it they said it was to catch those responsible for…
    11 November 2018
  • Dave
    Re: CCTV Cameras And Your Privacy
    Hi, I am a motorcycle instructor and have asked to follow my trainee and record the test while being tested by the examiner.…
    7 November 2018
  • Trig
    Re: Do They Have the Right to Use My Photo on Website?
    My employer has made a sign at the entrance of the building that shows a photo of myself and says my…
    6 November 2018
  • none
    Re: Why Is Doctor-Patient Confidentiality So Important?
    I was recently seen by a gynaecologist. My estranged husband was with me and I askewd to see the Dr.…
    3 November 2018
  • Alz
    Re: Your Medical Records
    Hi can my medical records after a mental illness stay be shown to child protection without me being informed or without my consent?
    31 October 2018
  • Rodene
    Re: Your Medical Records
    I got section by a racist corrupt transport police officer for no valid health rasons, the police stated she was doing it because I wasnt…
    30 October 2018
  • Walnut&Coffee
    Re: Your Medical Records
    My GP surgery has shared private information with another organisation. I have full NHS opt-out confirmed in writing. What's more, the…
    25 October 2018
  • Sandylou
    Re: Does Neighbour's Camera Contravene Privacy Rights?
    my neighbour has installed a camera and audio door bell which films into my property and records…
    24 October 2018
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